Third Session liposuction with Elixir De Vie in Medan- Part 1

Yay!!! I am back from my third session of liposuction and fat transfer. Another contented experience with Elixir De Vie! ūüôā
Honestly, I felt nervous even though this was the third visits. Partly because I have experience the¬†left abdomen liposuction and was able to foresee the whole procedure. For me, pain is definitely there especially the lower tummy area. It was so glad there was a hand to hold on to. I remembered I grabbed the nurse’s hand so tightly when I was awake(towards completion). U will feel sleepy throughout the operation, so not too worry.
Based on the invoice, I did the right side of upper and lower abdomen, right waist, flank and love handle. In fact, Dr Arthur did more than these areas for me. He is indeed a perfectionist which I feel very fortunate to be his patient. Although it just some small areas that has little fat, which he can simply ignore it, he didn’t. He treats all his patients like his masterpiece. By emphasizing on 3 dimensional¬†liposuction. My body looks good at all angle now! Even my mum commented I look slimmer, more proportional now. And my legs look longer after removing the big junk of fat at the love handles. Extremely satisfied! The pain are all worthy.
After three times of fat transfer, my breasts feel ‘heavy’… *Grinning*. ¬†In year 2014, I hesitated on doing liposuction due to the risk involved. I remembered all the sleepless nights while waiting for the day to come. Luckily I didn’t surrender to my fear or else I won’t be seeing¬†my current result.¬†Got to know Dr Arthur Tjandra through two bloggers that blogged in year 2011. Good things must share.. thanks to their sharing, I found a great doctor. ūüôā
Compared to year 2014, Dr Arthur is much more popular now, he has patient every day during my stay in clinic.  Prices are much higher but have to admit that the money spent on him worth the penny. Fat transfer is pricier than liposuction, but to achieve a fuller breast and no lump, small amount fat injection per transfer to boost survival rate is a must. This is my third fat transfer to breast, each time around 120cc of fat was transferred to each breast. Total I have 360cc of fat injected to each breast. Not sure of current yet, but most of my previous fat transferred survived even I presumed with my exercising routine one month after operation.
Will update on the recovery. Below link for my first session
Lastly, if you are visiting Elixir De Vie alone, do remember to bring TWO 8GB thumb drive for the video recorded from them.
Below are the videos for my third session.


Second trip – Part 2

This is exactly 4 month after my second liposuction. As compared to outer thighs liposuction, tummy liposuction took me a longer time to recover. Bruises are gone after 1 month but it felt lumpy for quite some time.  I continued to massage every day for almost 2 month, and occasionally after that. I was told that this is normal, the lumpiness will gone after some time, which was indeed how I have experienced.
As for fat transfer to breasts. Fortunately for me, most of fat survived. My boobs look so much different now…so happy! What I like about traditional liposuction method is that, the scars rarely can be seen and I can go back to work etc immediately. Because of all these, none of my friends knew I went for liposuction and fat transfer! And my breast feel so natural. ūüôā
Below is how I looked currently. My left side of abdomen (with arrow) looked like an hour glass whereas my right side still with a big junk of fat. Anyway, I have booked for third session with Dr Arthur for right side of tummy area. Will update again when back.


Second trip to Medan.

Hi all, I’m back from my second liposuction and fat transfer with Elixir de vie in Medan.
This time I did liposuction on left side of my upper and lower abdomen, waist, flank and love handles. And fat transfer to breasts. Initially, I intended to do both sides but was advised by Dr Arthur to save the right side for next trip. Unlike what I knew from other doctors, Dr Arthur only inject what he think is sufficient and not overload my breasts. Although by doing so, small increases per transfer, the survival rate is much higher which I totally agreed. I have injected a total of 250cc for both session.
So here is my immediate result. Will update on my fat survival rate and recovery soon.

                                         Before                                                  After

                                                   Before                                                  After

                                               Before                                                  After

So below are the link to the videos.

Liposuction in Medan

Liposuction done at Elixir de Vie

Today I would like to share my experience in liposuction which was done about a year ago.
I have thought of ways to get rid of my stubborn fats especially my butt without losing my chest! As my chest are flat( smaller than A), I cannot afford to lose further. I read about the benefits of liposuction which allows us to remove unwanted fat which indeed is what I am looking for.
So after doing researches, I have chosen Dr Arthur Tjandra as he has shown many good results via¬†Elixir de Vie Website. Although it is in Medan, I find it relatively easy to get my appointment made with Elixir de Vie. I¬†emailed his assistant ¬†,¬†Ms Jennifer Cotto (¬†¬†) .¬†She sent me with lots of stuff to read. Most importantly, I’m asked to do a pre-op blood test to see if I’m suitable for the surgery. The clinic was located at Paragon center, I have booked¬†for the earliest appointment( 8.30am) so that I can take my breakfast after that( you need to starve for 12hours before the test).
The test result came back pretty fast, the lab will send the result directly to Ms Jennifer. Soon I received email from Jennifer that I’m suitable for the operation and may proceed to book for surgery slot and flight.
After confirming on the appointment dates with Ms Jennifer. I went ahead to book my air tickets. There are quite a few airlines going to Medan, from Jetstar, Silkair, tigerair to Valueair. I remembered I have chosen Jetstar as it reached Medan earliest that time. It is advisable to reach earlier for consultation followed by surgery. You need not worry of how to get to Elixir de Vie, the driver will be at the airport waiting for you.
Once I have reached Elixir de Vie, the nurse did the registration for me then lead me to the room which I will be staying after the operation. I booked for a room with attached bathroom which costs S$70/per night. I was told to shower using dettol as you cannot really shower the next 2 days after the operation.
After waiting probably 20-30minutes in my room, the nurse bring me down to meet Dr Arthur. Had a long and detailed consultation with Dr Arthur Tjandra.
Dr Arthur Tjandra is using the traditional liposuction method which is very time consuming and tiring. No doctors in Singapore uses this method since Time is Money. This is one of the reason why I have chosen Dr Arthur. Another reason why I chosen him is because Dr Arthur Tjandra only does one surgery/per day, so he only give¬†his full attention to that particular patient. This mean that he need not have to rush to get ‘works’ done which I personally feel safer.
After an hour of explanation, we¬†confirmed with me the areas I wanted to lipo. I did liposuction of hips, buttock/saddle bags, outer and back of both thighs. And a fat transfer to breasts. I cannot said that there wasn’t any pain but was bearable. I personally feel that the liposuction was less¬†painful than the fat transfer. By the way, the whole procedure was done under local anesthesia which mean I’m half awake throughout the whole procedures. Initially, I thought it will be quite scary, but it is not at all! I find it even¬†better as you can see an immediate result. Dr Arthur did ¬†the¬†lipo on my left thigh and asked me to compare with my right. OMG! It is such a huge difference. Same for my left and right breasts. Although it is not as huge different as thigh result, it indeed increases quite a bit. ¬†And till now after a year, most of my fat survived and my breasts did not shrink much, which I’m quite satisfied with it.
I am quite surprised that I can walk immediately after the operation. I stayed in Medan for 3 days 2 nights. The nurse helped me to massage twice a day which help to reduce the soreness. The after op care was simple. I was told to buy baby oil and massage on the bruise area everyday. Most of my bruises were gone after third weeks from operation. The pain were like muscle ache after doing lots of squats workout.
Planning to go for my second session for my abdominal areas and another fat transfer soon. Will update when I’m back!
                             Before                                                                   After
                            Before                                                                  After
                            Before                                                                      After